WebSite Creation

WebSite Creation

Do you need to create an online store or website? This is up to me!

I have been creating websites since 2001 and I can make any site. 

WebSite Creationfrom $100,00

e-commerce Solutions — from $300,00

Development mobile version for your site will attract the mobile users!

As well as creating Landing Pages, development mobile version site, export / import product Catalog, CRM for e-commerce and much more.

Website Design

Website Design

Beautiful Website Design attracts customers and increases sales.

We can help make the site design, prepare a visual logo, perform site layout.

Our professional designers can offer any solution.

We use the most modern technology. Any effects, photo galleries, jQuery sliders, slideshow, leaving the panel, pop-ups  — we can do it all!

Website Promotion

Website Promotion

The best website is useless if it can not find the search engines.

Visibility of a website depends directly on the quality of the texts that are placed on it.

Our copywriters can write great lyrics to any site!

Promotion — it is a set of activities that have to do all the time.

Mobile games

Mobile games

Making games for mobile devices is becoming more popular.

GK-Games develops games for mobile devices running Android.

We create our own game and invite to cooperate those who are interested.

Build a website?

Without Web-site now can not do any one active firms in the market. Your site - this new customers, communication, customer feedback, new sales.

Every year the number of Internet users is growing at an accelerating rate, and those who do not pay attention to their presence in the network, are behind the competition.

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Open a store?

We do online stores for over 5 years, and are well aware of how to be an online store. We can offer our customers the best solutions, fully tailored for specific online store.

We offer the most advanced solutions for online stores and can help you quickly and inexpensively fill your store any quantity of goods with photos and features!

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Benefits of creating a site in GK-Studio

  1. Efficiency — the customer is dealing directly with the artist, not with intermediaries or large bulky structure of the agency or design studio. No need to negotiate an order with managers of the design studio, and hence there is no risk of distortion of information. This reduces delivery times - a complete Web-site with the possibility of content management (CMS), powerful databases and modern design will be ready in a few days, and within a month after the promotion and search engine optimization will be in the top ten search engines.
  2. Expertise — the only person familiar with all phases of the process and have the necessary experience, can efficiently and correctly execute the order.
  3. Experience — working in the field of design, advertising and digital media since 2001, I have the unique experience and knowledge. I do not keep them secret - you can see my articles and books on the subject.
  4. Value — the issue price is often the determining factor. Due to the low cost, I can always offer our customers the best price.
  5. Uniqueness — because I`m using my own design, for me, is not difficult to create a solution that fully meets each customer.

I do not just do websites faster, better and cheaper than any other. My goal - to offer customers solutions that can fully respond to the challenges they face. I offer our customers complete solutions and accompany them in the future, helping to achieve maximum results. After all, their success — this is my success!

Each of my clients can be assured that any matter relating to the promotion of its products or services, and the implementation of various marketing and promotional activities, it can rely on expert help from my side.

Questions? Want to know more? Contact me and I`ll help you!

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